Buddhist & Hindu Funerals in Stuttgart

Living in a foreign country can mean that some customs are alien and appear strange. This is even more so, when you have to arrange a funeral for a loved one. Some things just don’t fit. There is much alien bureaucracy and requirements that hardly make sense.

In times like these we long for the familiar, for the things that we know and trust. We long for the rituals that have carried us through life and that help us comprehend the incomprehensible.

At time like this a a quide is needed that knows his or her way around and can make things possible.

We at Haller would love to assist you and help you create a meaningful farewell.

Whilst we don’t profess to know it all, we will endeavour to give you the space to create your own farewell, using our facilities and our local knowledge.

In the past we have been hosts to Hindu and Buddhist funerals and we have created forms that reflect the lives of people living in two words – their traditional one and the local one. We have developed ways to speak to and include both communities.

We have a room for various forms of farewells at an open casket and we can arrange for you to be present at cremation if you wish. (Circumstances permitting)

We will help you find a suitable burial ground here in Germany or assist you in sending the ashes back to your home country.  (Or find a way to have the cremated remains at your home for a period.)

We can conduct funerals in English, German or both languages.

To arrange a funeral in Germany you need the following documents

  • Id Document or passport of the deceased if they have a German passport
  • In addition we need the Id Document or passport of the husband or wife, the deceased does not have a German passport

The following are quired by the authorities to demonstrate the family status of the deceased. Marriage certificate

  • Marriage certificate and divorce certificate if divorced
  • Death certificate of the deceased partner if widowed
  • Birth certificate when single

Originals with translation required at all times, we can arrange an officially verified translation for you.

Without these the authorities do not issue a full Death Certificate, only an interim one, that can be used for the funeral or transport but not for issues related to the inheritance.

If the body is to be transferred to another country we will need all the above papers plus the name, address, phone number and e.Mail of the receiving funeral home in the home country.

All other documents that are required for the transfer we can arrange for you.

blumen buddha